User Experience Researcher
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My mission lies within empowering user populations by conducting social science research. I love working on complex problems to strengthen empathy between users and companies.

Currently, I’m completing my Masters in Information Management and Systems here at Cal's School of Information, focusing on applied social research (quantitative and qualitative methods) to enhance technological systems. 

When I’m not improving my UX Research skills, you can find me creating music, hanging out with friends, reading psychology, or indulging in Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, among other things.



Selected Projects


Virtual reality to hinder implicit racial bias in court trials

Role: Psychology Researcher

Objective: Spearheaded experimental research to understand how we can use virtual reality to create more just rulings.

Research Methods: Experimental method via a 2x2 design; survey with empirically sound psychometrics; various statistics (two-way ANOVA; linear regressions; general linear model).

Results: An empirical framework confirming various hypotheses for how we can use the affordances of virtual reality to mitigate implicit racial biases in court rulings. 

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Student-parent food access 

Role: UX Researcher

Objective: Enhance the student-parent experience at Cal.

Research Methods: Semi-structured interviews, diary studies, and surveys.

Results: Expanded ~900 Cal student parents’ access to food donations and events.



Role: UX Researcher


  • Understand the needs and concerns of day laborers while they look for employment.

  • Uncover the apprehensions and issues employers face while looking to hire day laborers

Research Methods: Field observations, semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and competitive analysis. 

Results: Field observations educated Labor2Day of potential users' current pain points that no other company was addressing. Semi-structured interviews teased out users' conscious reasoning for choosing particular platforms, which became part of the framework for the competitive analysis. Focus groups identified a large concern amongst potential users, initiating Labor2Day's platform to support their sense of community. Quantified competitors level of trustworthiness, etc., which unveiled a niche for Labor2Day.